Quiet Room

Congresses are full of opportunities to learn and experience new things, but they are also rich in stimulation, and with the constant outward facing and switched on nature they can also be overwhelming, exhausting and triggering, both mentally and physically.

We will have a dedicated quiet space which we are calling our Quiet Room in Room 4, on the second floor of the Congress Centre (it will be signposted in the venue) where you can take some quiet time to reground before returning to the congress activities. No devices, talking, eating or food will be allowed so that the space is truly welcoming and calming for all please.

Opening times:

Monday 2nd October 07:00-19:30  
Tuesday 3rd October 08:00-19:00  
Wednesday 4th October 06:30-19:30  
Thursday 5th October 08:00-15:00 
Friday 6th October 08:30-18:00 
Saturday 7th October 07:30-15:00 

We also encourage you to take time out of your congress day to get some fresh air.

Multi Faith Room

We have a multi-faith room (Room 6 on the second floor of the Congress Centre) at our congress to ensure that all attendees, regardless of their religious beliefs, have a welcoming and inclusive space where they can practice their faith, reflect, and find solace during the congress.

Opening times:

Wednesday 4th October 09:00-17:00
Thursday 5th October 08:00-15:00
Friday 6th October 08:30-18:00
Saturday 7th October 07:30-15:00


If this is your first time attending the WMS Congress, or you are attending on your own and would like to be introduced to other delegates when you arrive, please let us know via email in advance or at the registration desk at the venue. We will be happy to make some introductions so that you feel more comfortable.

Fresh air and exercise

The local area provides a wealth of walking and cycling routes. Whether you're travelling alone or with family, getting access to the natural environment is a great way to take a break from your busy working day 

North Charleston Walking Trails

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