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Get Social at #WMS2023

Maximise and share your in-person and virtual congress experience with your network – please follow us and join the conversation!

WMS 2023 will offer you a complete hybrid experience featuring inspiring and pioneering sessions, exciting networking opportunities and direct live contact with expert speakers from around the world.

To enhance your experience and ability to connect with colleagues in-person and online, we encourage you to share information about the congress and your participation on social media. Using #WMS2023 in your social media posts will increase your visibility. Everyone following #WMS2023 will be able to see your posts. You can gain new followers and connect with colleagues across the globe!


The official hashtag for WMS 2023 Hybrid Congress is #WMS2023.

Make sure to use the hashtag when tweeting and sharing posts on your social media channels.

Other important hashtags you can use in your posts are: 

#NeuromuscularDisorders #ScientificSociety #NeuromuscularDiseases #RareDiseases #Physiology

What to share

Here are a couple of easy ways to share information about the Congress and your experience with your network:

How to Share

Share your experiences and personalise your posts by including posts such as ‘Join me at #WMS2023’ to let your friends and colleagues know you will be attending the congress and invite them to join you.

A selection of congress graphics are available using the Dropbox link below. These could be used in social media posts, blogs, emails, within your professional community. The graphics are pre-set to the dimensions required for each social media platform as stated below, however if you require a different size or format please do contact us.

Dropbox Link for WMS 2023 Graphics: click here.

A Beginners Guide to Social Media

If you don’t use social media, don’t forget you can always share your attendance photos by emailing us. Please let us know if you are happy for us to share your pics on social media. We can generate some great memories of the congress to share with everyone.

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