Instructions for Pre-Congress Teaching Course Faculty (TC), Invited Speakers (INV), Selected Oral (O) Presenters, Selected Late Breaking Oral Presenters (LBO)

All oral speakers will be presenting live, in-person at the congress/course venue. Sessions will also be streamed via the virtual platform for remote virtual delegates and on-demand viewing, so please consider this when preparing your slides and presentation. Questions will come from the in-person audience as well as via the platform and app. More information about this will be provided nearer the time. Our FAQ page also has lots of useful information. Please see the programme for full schedule details nearer to the time of the congress. 

Please note that as a scientific congress, we look forward to your presentations making specific reference to the evidence used to support your topic. This must include at least one slide that affords delegates the opportunity to see the references that you considered in your work. In addition, an important outcome of the congress is the ability for delegates to apply the information you present in their local settings. Accordingly, we ask that your presentation specifically address any barriers to implementation that you experienced or that you foresee. In addition to being reflective of best practice, these elements are a requirement of our educational accreditation and is subject to external review/approval.

Evidenced-based Approach

Speakers must supply best evidence for their assertions. 

Barriers to Change

Educational design includes discussion of commonly encountered barriers to practice change. If the topic is non-clinical, this does not apply. 

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

In compliance with CME requirements all speakers and oral presenters must complete a conflict of interest form once the abstract has been accepted. Please ensure that the first slide in your presentation is the conflict of interest disclosure slide. See below for template slide link.

  1. At the event all speakers must disclose verbally and using a slide at the beginning of the presentation. Examples of relationships that should be disclosed include, but are not limited to:
  1. If the speaker has no involvement with any for-profit or not-for-profit organisation, he/she should inform the audience that he/she has nothing to disclose, i.e., cannot identify any potential conflict of interest. It is the sole responsibility of the individual speaker to make such disclosure to the audience at the time of the presentation

Use of Copyright Protected Material

Speakers in Washington University School of Medicine accredited programmes are required to abide by the University’s policy on the use of copyright protected material. Please see the Copyright Information available at: 

Privacy of Patient Information: Washington University expects presenters to adhere to the University HIPAA Guidelines and ensure explicit patient identifiers, as well as potentially recognisable marks must not appear in presentations, unless patient consent has been obtained.
Adherence to Washington University School of Medicine accredited Activities Guidelines: Speakers will adhere to the ACCME Standards for Integrity and Independence in Accredited Continuing Education.

Publication Consent Form

During registration, participating speakers, presenters and moderators will have been asked to confirm consent for their presentations to be accessible to all registered participants via the virtual platform, for up to 3 months after the congress, and on the WMS website for society members to access thereafter.

If this consent was not recorded from you at point of registration, we will be in touch in due course to request the information, so please do complete the form when received by email. 

How to Prepare your Presentation

Selected Oral presentations (Oxx) are 15 minutes long (10 minutes for your presentation + 5 minutes Questions & Answers). Late Breaking Oral Presentations (LBOxx) are 10 minutes long (8 minutes for your prepresentation + 2 minutes Questions & Answers)

Please use this Tip Sheet to ensure that your presentation and slides are fully compliant, for the CME Accreditation.

Your presentation should be prepared in .PPT or .PPTX format. Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Slide Dimensions: Width: 10 inches / 25.4 cm Height: 5.625 inches / 14.288 cm

If you would like to make use of the Congress App during your presentation time with polls to the audience for example, please send these to us in advance.

Here are the notes from the recent virtual briefing:

Oral Presenters
Pre-Congress Teaching Course Faculty

We kindly request that you include the WMS 2023 Congress speaker template title slide with your name and title of your lecture at the start of your presentation, followed by the conflict of interest disclosure slide. The disclosure slide must be shown for a minumim of 10 seconds. WMS 2023 Pre-Congress Teaching Course template

Please send your completed slides to our Speaker Manager, by 25th September 2023 so that we can share them with the AV Team at the venue in plenty of time before your presentation and also the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) who will be checking every presentation is compliant. When saving your presentation, the file name should have the following format: yourSurname-DAY-time.ppt (e.g. Smith-FRI-1040.ppt) (NB use only hyphens between name, day and time).

Please then make sure that you visit the AV Technician in the Speaker Preparation Room (Room 1, Ballroom Foyer) the day before or at least 4 hours before your presentation session starts to check it is all loading and working correctly to avoid any last minute stresses.

Speaker Preparation Room

During the congress days, there will be a Speaker Preparation Room in Room 1, Ballroom Foyer, where you can take some time to finish your preparations or enjoy few quiet moments before going on stage. For Teaching Course Faculty please go and speak directly to the AV Technician in the room to make sure they have everything in place.

AV Technician availability for the Speaker Preparation Room will be as follows:

Tuesday 3rd October 13:00-18:00

Wednesday 4th October 08:30-17:30

Thursday 5th October 09:00-14:00

Friday 6th October 08:15-16:00

Saturday 7th October 07:30-11:30

Your Presentation

Your slides will we be in presenter mode, and you will be able to see your notes in PowerPoint. There will be a countdown timer visible to you and the moderator. It is essential that you keep to time please. You will have a laser pointer activated by a mouse on the lectern screen for viewers in the room and virtually to see.

Stage Setup

PAC auditorium stage setup:

A1 Theatre stage setup:

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