Congresses are full of opportunities to learn and experience new things, but they are also rich in stimulation, and with the constant outward facing and switched on nature they can also be overwhelming, exhausting and triggering, both mentally and physically. We encourage you to take time out of your congress day to get some fresh air and gentle exercise. If you need any support during the congress please don't hesitate to ask at the registration desk and we will be happy to try to help.

Social Distancing

Although it is not compulsory to wear masks etc. anymore, we do acknowledge that not everyone is ready to go back to pre-covid hand shaking and hugging yet. We have special WMS 'Thank you for respecting my choice to social distance' lanyards available at the registration desk to wear with your name badge if you would like to.


If this is your first time attending the WMS Congress, or you are attending on your own and would like to be introduced to other delegates when you arrive, please let us know via email in advance or at the registration desk at the venue. We will be happy to make some introductions so that you feel more comfortable.

Local Groups

You might consider joining in with some of these local groups during your time in Halifax:

A Halifax based outdoor yoga group: https://www.facebook.com/yogainthecommons/

Nova Scotia walking group: https://www.hikenovascotia.ca/ns-walks/

Running group that runs on Wednesdays and is nice and close to downtown: https://linktr.ee/northendrunners

A running group that runs through Point Pleasant Park https://hfxroadhammers.com/



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