Instructions for Selected Poster, Virtual Poster and Flash Poster Presenters

Virtual Posters (P, FP, LBP, VP, LSVP)   Flash Poster Presentations (FP)  

  Late Submitted Virtual Posters (LSVP)    Traditional Printed Poster (P, FP)    

Accepted selected in-person poster presenters will have assigned times at which they will have to present and discuss the poster with other attendees of the poster session. We recommend that you are by your poster to answer questions etc. during that specific poster session time. Please see the programme for full schedule details nearer to the time of the congress. Our FAQ page also has lots of useful information.

All posters (regardless of whether the presenter is attending in-person or virtually) will be available digitally via the e-poster boards onsite, congress app and virtual platform.

All in-person poster presenters will need to bring a printed poster as well.

If the presenter is registered with a virtual congress ticket, the only presentation opportunity will be via the MP4 file preloaded with the digital poster.

If a poster has been selected for a Flash Poster Presentation, then the FP .xx reference is also the poster board reference number. 

Programme Key

I = Invited Speaker
O/LBO = Selected Oral Presentation
P/LBP = Poster Presentation (on display at the venue as a poster and e-poster and on the virtual platform)
VP = Virtual Poster Presentation (on display on the virtual platform and on e-poster boards at the venue)
FP = Selected Flash Poster Presentation (short flash talk in dedicated area + poster presentation as above)
LBP = Late Breaking Poster (on display at the venue as a poster and e-poster and on the virtual platform)
LSVP = Late Submitted Virtual Poster (only on display on the virtual platform and on e-poster boards at the venue)

Publication Consent

All delegates will be asked during the registration process if they are happy for the recorded presentation/poster/audio/video, and any related recorded Q&A session, to be available on the virtual platform for up to 3 months post-event and potentially on the WMS website for members to access thereafter. If you don't consent, your presentation recording, and related recorded Q&A session, will be available for viewing during the congress then removed within approximately 2-weeks post-congress. 

How can I secure my ePoster presentation when it is online?

The copying and recording of content presented is prohibited (see Code of Conduct). Presenters are encouraged to indicate in their presentations content presented shall not be shared or copied.

To aid in this, a digital graphic image may be incorporated in the poster. Click here to download.

Presenters may also secure a Digital Object Identifier (DoI) for their presentation by uploading it to an open data sharing repository for posters and slides.



Messaging ePoster Presenters

Within the virtual platform and app, there is a messaging service to facilitate scientific exchange.  

Poster Highlights

The Prize Committee will review the ePoster presentations prior to the virtual congress and the Organisers will notify the successful presenters by 9th October. The Poster Highlights session is on Saturday 15th October 2022. There will be 6 x 10 + 5 (Q&A) minute presentations. The presenter should prepare 3-5 PowerPoint slides (including introduction, main findings, main messages, acknowledgement) to show during session and must present data as indicated on the original poster.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Clare Beach, WMS Secretariat [email protected]



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